Get your products to market faster with Atlas Tooling injection moulds and dies.

Atlas Tooling precision made moulds and dies produce profit for customers across Australasia. Your alliance with Atlas Tooling brings 13 years of mould and die design and manufacturing experience into your business.Injection Moulded Parts

Our skilled Atlas Tooling team collaborates with your experts to plan the best way to deliver a mould or die to world’s best practice standards in the shortest period – and at the lowest cost.

Atlas Tooling provides the complete design service from concept to finished detail drawings, to manufacture, production trials and output quality control, to total technical support.

Atlas Tooling customers represent the full spectrum of industries – automotive, engineering, food, marine, medical, mining, pharmaceuticals, security, white goods and others.

This diverse range of customers has given Atlas Tooling broadly based experience with moulds and dies that produce components and end products of all shapes and sizes, from delicate items to large, load bearing units.